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Thousands of years ago, an empire so large, it spanned over three continents. This empire had a unique style of eating their cuisine. Stews were simmered for hours, using only the finest ingredients. Rice collected individually by hand in the Himalayas. Bread kneaded perfectly to stick against walls of fire. Then there was the meat. Seasoned with the most exotic herbs in the world, pounded diligently by hand to infuse the flavors, then carefully molded on their swords to be set ablaze in an open fire. This was the Persian Empire, also known as, Iran.

Thousands of years later, the tradition continues at Cafe On Fire. Farm-fresh meat is carefully selected and infused with the finest Persian Saffron and Sumac, grilled on skewers, resembling the sword, over an open fire.

Pounded Beef

The most popular Persian Kabob is known as “Koobideh” meaning “Pounded” in Farsi. This famous kabob is known for its onion and Persian Saffron infusion directly inside the protein. The Pounded Beef kabob is a great place to start for beginners, and one will quickly taste why this kabob becomes an instant favorite.

Sultan Chicken

A change-up from red meat is great to have often. Persians infuse the chicken kabob in turmeric for its many health benefits, along with its exotic yellow color. The marinade bath is yogurt based, locking in moisture to allow the chicken to stay moist over the open fire.

The Garden

The Garden is an exclusive to Cafe On Fire, and invented by the owner, Chef Borzin. The eggplant is the potato to Persians. It is traditionally broken up in stews and dressings. However, this exotic staple needed to be a kabob. A fire crust is seared on the outside, creating a fire blanket that produces a tender center. Infused with Persian Sumac, one will quickly fall in love with this exotic fruit – a vegetarian favorite.

The Shah

The Shah is hand trimmed ribeye steak infused with a custom Persian seasoning rub. While searing over the open fire, the skewer transfers heat and cooks the inside of the steak – presenting a well-done steak, yet still tender. This is quite different than the traditional American thick medallion steak typically eaten medium-rare.

Pounded Lamb

The Pounded Lamb is the lamb version of the Pounded Beef. The lamb has the same famous infusion of onion and Persian Saffron directly in the protein. This kabob is a must for lamb lovers or for the adventurous type.

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Cafe On Fire is a Veteran Owned Small Business. Both owners proudly served in The United States Marine Corps.